Aaron Levy

As the vertical leader of 777 Partners’ Fintech, Aaron Levy is a great example of how our team leads with and embraces the entrepreneurial spirit.


Aaron’s background combined with 777’s entrepreneurial and operation focus towards investments were the perfect ingredients for Aaron’s growth and the success of our Fintech vertical. The culture at 777 has helped shape Aaron’s career path.

“Working at 777 Partners has allowed me to become a well-rounded investor. Additionally, I have learned valuable skills required to effectively run a business on my own if I ever choose to do so.”

Since joining 777 Partners in 2018 as a VP, Aaron has been able to lead with a hands-on approach to investing while strengthening his operational skill set. Aaron became an Investment Principal at 777 Partners in 2020, after playing an instrumental role in sourcing deals, leading various strategic initiatives at the portfolio level and shared services level, and leading many portfolio companies through financings and refinancings that have generated meaningful cashflow for 777.

At 777 Partners, our investment professionals and operating partners work with portfolio companies to ‘think upstream’ and to help them change or grow their businesses. They do this by breaking down as many of the walls that are holding people back – by sharing ideas, collaboratively problem-solving, and combining efforts to create leverage points. We believe that diverse teams increase performance and produce better results. This approach enables our professionals to learn from different perspectives, better understand our teammates, and drive growth for our portfolio companies.

Leaders at 777 Partners strive to set the example for our organization. They embody the entrepreneurial spirit and continue to iterate on it, pushing themselves and their teams. Since joining 777 Partners, Aaron has demonstrated what it takes to drive growth at our portfolio companies and personally.

“The entrepreneurial spirit and operational focus of the firm has allowed me to gain experience in not only investing but also running companies.” – Aaron Levy