Across the life, health, and property & casualty insurance markets, 777 is an expert underwriter of unique and complex risk.

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Unlocking Opportunities across the Value Chain

777 is one of the few groups that invests across the entire insurance value chain, including strategic investments in risk bearing reinsurance and primary insurance carriers, insurance asset management, non-risk bearing distribution businesses and other technology and services entities.

Steven Pasco

"As one of the few firms that makes investments across the entire insurance value chain in the Life, Health, and Property & Casualty markets, 777 is uniquely positioned to recognize meaningful synergies across its portfolio of insurance companies."


Steve Pasko
Founder & Managing Partner, 777 Partners



Corporate Governance and Compliance

Brickell Insurance Group promotes robust corporate governance and compliance frameworks across its portfolio companies. We have developed comprehensive governance procedures, committee structures, compliance monitoring tools, and policies including a well-developed code of conduct. This framework helps to create value for policyholders and other stakeholders.


Climate and Social Responsibility

Assessing and mitigating climate risks, as well as social responsibility, are increasingly important components driving value in business. Brickell Insurance Group is focused on continuous learning around climate risks and social responsibility.

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