NewsWorld Airways Reveals its New Brand

June 12, 2018by Jose Tavares

The airline industry’s dalliance with reintroducing nostalgia brands has been largely a bust so far. Storied airline names from the past like Braniff, Eastern, Pan Am, National, and People Express have been welcomed back with copious amounts of hype, only to expire quickly. In the US, the relaunched Frontier Airlines brand name has been one of the few successful reboots.

So it came as bit of a surprise that the next name to be resurrected from the vaults of aviation history would be a much lesser-known airline, World Airways. In November of last year, venture capital firm 777 Partners announced it had acquired the intellectual property of World Airways, and would launch as the first long-haul low cost carrier (LCC) based in the United States. No timeline was given, but a few details emerged.

The airline will be based in Miami, Florida with initial operations from Los Angeles to Asia and Miami to Latin America, and perhaps Europe. A cornerstone of the airline’s strategy is to operate very fuel-efficient, modern twin-aisle aircraft. Originally the business model relied heavily on a fleet of secondhand 787-8s, which has proven to be more difficult than originally thought, so perhaps the Airbus A330neo or late-model A330s might be an option. There was even talk of interim 777 leases. Beyond that, the company has been mum. At this point, we don’t know when the airline will start flying or open bookings to the public. (From the Points Guy)