Ukrainian flag

777 Partners Employees Rally to Support Their Ukrainian Colleagues


Ukraine is also a home for 777 Partners, and with over 30 colleagues based in our Kiev office covering digital development, support, and sales we benefited from the strong talent base in the market.



The havoc and terror of war is terrible to watch but had personal consequence on our employees in the region.


In the days after the attack, our employees across Europe and the US volunteered time and resources to spontaneously protect and support these colleagues. The objective was clear- provide critical support to reach safe locations with their families.

We offered all 30 Ukraine-based employees company-provisioned relocation with their families to safe havens such as Copenhagen and Warsaw. All travel, accommodation and emergency service expenses were covered.



Ukrainian soldiers

During this transitory process, our Ukrainian colleagues had the ability to communicate and stay connected via a digital system so we could ensure they had reached safe locations while monitoring their needs.

At the relocation offices, members of the volunteering squad helped to arrange housing and accommodation while others picked up their colleagues fleeing at the border, arriving with food, clothes and toys for the children.





We are so overwhelmingly proud of these outstanding employees who not only stepped up to help their colleagues, but to our brave Ukrainian employees who continued to support customer operations in these very trying times.

Their compassion and bravery inspires us to do better and be more thankful for the things we take for granted.