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Freeing people to focus on what they do best

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Business Challenge

We believe the best gift you can give an entrepreneur is the headspace to focus on their core mandate. Our comprehensive suite of solutions gives our companies the space to focus on value creation.

From: Running the business gets in the way of GROWING the business

From: Running the business gets in the way of GROWING the business


Activities that are not your core mandate, are performed with heroic efforts and take all your time. You lack headspace to perform run activities well, and more importantly unable to focus on growing the business

To: Freed-up HEADSPACE and solutions focused on growth

To: Freed-up HEADSPACE and solutions focused on growth


777 uses its proprietary capital structure to provide a suite of solutions focused on growth

Our solutions include shared services to run your operations, cost reduction through portfolio company synergies, and digitally-enabled growth solutions focused on hyper-scaling our customer base and creating stickiness

Suite of Solutions


777’s Suite of Solutions Free People to
Focus On What They do Best


Unlike traditional investment firms, 777 provides capital structure, which allows portfolio companies a longer time horizon to create enduring value. We have deep expertise in underwriting risk and technology that allows us to capitalize on under-served, inefficient markets.

Our Operating Partner team is composed of industry veterans with backgrounds in private equity, venture capital, investment banking, technology, insurance, actuarial science, asset management, structured-credit, risk analytics, complex commercial litigation, and operations expertise

From its first day of operation 777 Partners was built with a strong backbone of shared services for its portfolio companies spanning Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Procurement, Marketing, Legal, Technology, and Analytics. Our founders reflected on their own experiences as entrepreneurs and realized that all too frequently the thing that defines success from failure is not inside the core business, but in how the business manages its corporate responsibilities like hiring, regulatory readiness or managing money. Because we deploy permanent capital structure and longer time horizon, we take a more thorough approach to operations. We call this system and capabilities “Headspace”.

777’s shared services solution is adopting a Digital-first philosophy. The overarching goal of headspace is to meet portfolio companies where they are versus forcing them to a standardized model – but “high touch is no touch” and the provisioning of the corporate function flexes to the fundamental geography, function, industry, and archetype to make their lives easier and free-up headspace that would have otherwise been spent on activities that aren’t really making a difference. This innovative model is an industry first and will progressively be rolled out over the next 12 months.

Our solution realizes efficiency synergies within and across its industry verticals. Synergies occur when two-or-more portfolio companies have a similar need or a similar outcome that we can capture, codify, and scale. Examples of this include creating efficient organization structures at the portfolio company, vertical and 777 levels, leveraging procurement volumes across portfolio companies for improved pricing, and leveraging the Headspace model for digital-first shared service processes.

777 Partners instituted a rigorous and systematic approach to unlocking synergy, both between portfolio companies within a sector and also across sectors.

Our investment professionals and operating partners work with portfolio companies to ‘think upstream’ and to help them change or grow their businesses. They do this by breaking down as many of the walls that are holding people back – by sharing ideas, collaboratively problem-solving, and combining efforts to create leverage points.

We are creating proven playbooks that harness our cumulative learnings in a catalog of digital assets that are available to our entire portfolio of companies.

Examples of this would be sports where we exploit performance analytics, develop common revenue growth strategies around merchandising and procurement, share digital assets, and leverage operational and cost metrics to optimize our portfolio companies in a rapid way.

Data Science

For many industries, data is the single most valuable asset and should be prioritized as highly as revenue, customer experience and profitability.

See How We Leverage Data
to Drive Growth

The costs and strategies of world class data and decision science are of beyond the financial capacity and knowledge of most entrepreneurs, providing systematic platforms and capabilities can unlock massive business value. A Next Generation Data and Analytics Capability to
…to deliver on the promise of a unified data mesh that enables next-generation value realization across the portfolio, by creating an environment that overcomes all the usual barriers to realizing value: quality, privacy, policy, security, etc.

An architecture that understands context and builds that intelligence into the data layer itself, empowering the process of driving insights within and across the portfolio seamless, frictionless, and fully integrated. 777 Partners had made a very significant investment into Data Scientists and Technology that allows us help businesses evolve to this new future.


All companies compete on the Digital Customer Experience- some just don’t know it yet.

Learn How Our Digital Mindset
Unlocks Synergy

Digital businesses grow 3x faster than their analogue peers and dominate value creation in relevant industry sectors, and with significantly higher multiples.

Our Approach:

  1. We build with a product mindset- this allows reuse and sharing across companies and to address vertical synergies
  2. Digital is now 10% of 777 Partners total resources and growing at 100% CAGR and serving all business verticals
  3. Today the team spans strategic centers in California, Bangkok, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, and Kiev
  4. Highly specialized workforce – 3 PhDs, 35 Advanced Degrees, 35 Patents

Digital Customer Acquisition & Human Centered Design

In the age of authenticity, the relationship between brands and people has changed. People are paying good money to avoid the ads created by the advertising agency.

Learn About Our Next-Gen Marketing Experience

In the 21st Century entertainment, media, sports, marketing, and social media have blurred into a singular personalized experience. Those that stand out by standing up for what they believe in.

A Next Generation Marketing Capability to:

  • Create a comprehensive modern team of marketing and audience development specialists proficient in new media strategies
  • Build a scalable and transparent model that ensures each portfolio brand has access to best in-class strategy and capabilities at below market cost
  • Aggregate and develop learnings and successes into IP that can be leveraged to create a competitive advantage in the investor marketplace
  • Reinvent our businesses centered around the customer to produce excellent experiences