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Creating the future is hard work

At 777 Partners, we are transformers, not conformers. And we're always looking for new ideas and the people to move them.

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We knew to disrupt our own industry and the industry verticals we serve we couldn’t rely on the conventional ideas or people. We strive to create a unique environment that provides a holistic view of the world, embracing innovation, and cultivating professional development and personal growth. At 777 Partners, we are committed to build long-term careers by investing in our team.

Our teams consist of entrepreneurs and professionals with varied backgrounds and perspectives that strengthen our team and help our investment decisions. As such, we are focused on building teams by recruiting talent throughout our organization and portfolio companies that will bring different experiences, ideas, skills, and vantage points to our firm. When joining our team, you are provided the tools and opportunities for rapid career progression while attaining a 360-degree, holistic view of the world vs the more siloed experience from other traditional PE or Investment Banking firms.



Join Our Diverse Group of
Entrepreneurs and Professionals


At 777 Partners, we believe that diverse teams increase performance and produce better results. This approach enables our professionals to learn from different perspectives and better understand our teammates.

777 Partners is an equal opportunity employer. Individuals seeking employment are considered without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other category protected by applicable law.





Our People

  • Deborah Senouvor joined 777 Partners in 2022 as their Lead Analyst – Finance Systems. Prior to 777 Partners, Deborah has accumulated over 10 years of experience with SAP at IBM in multiple industries. Deborah holds an MBA and has a strong background in Accounting, Procurement and Travel and Expense.

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    Deborah Senouvor

    Lead Tech Analyst

  • Roman Teller joined 777 Partners in May 2017 as their Application Development Lead. Prior to that, he has accumulated 30+ years of experience across many industries leading design, development and deployment, from startups attaining multinational presence, to bank-wide financial systems, to multilingual multicurrency POS initiative into 90+ countries and 35,000+ locations. While on college boards and curriculum advisory committees, he maintained a multi-campus adjunct professorship lecturing on all aspects of SDLC, including to development methodologies, project management, cloud-computing, business principles and analysis. Through a non-profit, he deployed coding curricula for grade school children into multiple Florida counties. Maintaining extensive experience with payment acceptance, he advised and collaborated with federal agencies in forensic analysis and fieldwork in prevention of breaches providing cybersecurity expert testimony. He is a longtime Lean and Six Sigma Black Belt practitioner, having completed Florida International University International Entrepreneurial Program, he also holds a BS/CIS degree from the University of Miami.

    Profile picture of Roman Teller

    Roman Teller

    Application Development Lead

  • Guillermo Alvarez joined 777 Partners in 2022 as an IT Support Engineer. Prior to joining 777, Guillermo worked as an IT Field Support Engineer at World Wide Tech Services, where he accumulated over 15 years of IT experience providing end-user support as a representative for Dell, HP and Lenovo. Mr. Alvarez graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering.

    Profile picture of Guillermo Alvarez

    Guillermo Alvarez

    IT Support Engineer

  • Roopesh Kanhai joined 777 Partners in 2022 as their IT Support Engineer. Prior to 777 Partners, Roopesh Kanhai has accumulated over four years of experience with BMS Controls Programming at organizations in the Low Voltage Industry including Baptist Health.

    Profile picture of Roopesh Kanhai

    Roopesh Kanhai

    IT Support Engineer

  • Balazs Sipos joined 777 Partners in 2021 as their Microsoft 365 System Administrator. Prior to 777 Partners, Balazs has accumulated over 13 years of experience as I.T. lead technician and formerly Microsoft 365 premier escalation engineer at organizations in the Information Technology field including Experis Inc. Mr. Sipos holds an Associate in Science degree in Networking Administrator from Palm Beach State College and Bachelor`s degree in Computer Science from Florida International University. Mr. Sipos holds Microsoft and CompTIA certificates.

    Profile picture of Balazs Sipos

    Balazs Sipos

    Microsoft 365 Systems Administrator

  • Anand Bhonge joined 777 Partners in 2019. Prior to joining 777, Mr. Bhonge was a Senior Software Engineer and Architect at CashCall, Inc. As a senior software engineer and manager, Mr. Bhonge has direct experience building debt settlement, lending and loan servicing platforms at Megapath, Morgan Drexen, SettleIt, Cashcall and LoanMe.

    Mr. Bhonge has a Bachelor of Engineering and a master's degree in computer science.

    Profile picture of Anand Bhonge

    Anand Bhonge

    Senior Director, Engineering

  • Adeep Kota joined 777 Partners in 2020. Prior to joining 777, Mr. Kota was a Quality Assurance Engineering Manager at Hilton Worldwide, leading a large team in multiple geographical locations. As a QA Engineering Manager, he led the testing efforts on the highly-rated Hilton Digital Key application. His expertise is in building automation frameworks for both mobile and web applications.

    Mr. Kota has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Univ. of Arkansas at Little Rock.

    Profile picture of Adeep Kota

    Adeep Kota

    Director of Quality Engineering

  • Sowjanya Kaligineedi joined 777 Partners in 2019. Prior to joining 777, Ms. Kaligineedi was a Lead Software Engineer at Fintech Credit Innovations for a year and also worked as a Lead software Engineer at CashCall, Inc. for 7 years. As a Lead Software Engineer, Ms. Sowjanya has direct experience building lending and loan servicing platforms for Cashcall and LoanMe.

    Ms. Sowjanya has a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

    Profile picture of Sowjanya Kaligineedi

    Sowjanya Kaligineedi

    Director, Software Engineering

  • Priyanka Namburu joined 777 Partners in 2020. Ms. Namburu has worked in the Finance sector for a number of years in the role of an engineer and an architect building Loan Origination and Servicing systems. Prior to joining 777, Ms. Namburu worked as Lead Software Engineer at Fintech Credit Innovations for a year and prior to that as a Lead software Engineer at CashCall, Inc. for 5 years.

    Ms. Namburu has a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University.

    Profile picture of Priyanka Namburu

    Priyanka Namburu

    Director, Software Engineering