Brickell Insurance Group


Brickell Insurance Group, through its portfolio companies and with the support of its principal capital partner 777 Partners, has the capital, expertise, and flexibility to underwrite a diversified suite of liabilities in both the life and annuity and property-casualty spaces. We provide novel solutions to risks and the needs of underlying policyholders while affecting stable and positive growth.

Portfolio consisting of
the segments below

Brickell Insurance Holdings LLC

  • 777 Re Ltd, a Bermuda domiciled reinsurer of annuities, has an A.M. Best rating of A- and offers reinsurance on active and run-off blocks of life insurance and annuity business.
  • Merit Life Insurance Co., a TX domiciled writer of annuity products, has an A.M. Best rating of A- and offers a fixed contingent deferred annuity product.

Brickell PC Insurance Holdings LLC

  • Sutton National Insurance Company and Sutton Specialty Insurance Company , both OK domiciled insurers enjoy A.M. Best ratings of A-. Sutton National offers programs across a variety of risks in the admitted P&C market. Sutton Specialty offers surplus line capacity for risks in the non-admitted P&C market.