Taking Off

The travel industry is ripe for disruption. Across our portfolio we are addressing unserved markets through start up airlines, utilizing innovative technology to enable new routes of travel, using more fuel-efficient aircraft, and paying more attention to the customer's needs through digitization and data centric applications to create a far better travel experience.

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777 Partners operates one of the broadest sets of travel investments, giving us a vertically integrated model and a unique vantage point to understand and address customer needs.


Certain segments of the industry have consistently overperformed while others underperform. Our aviation strategy focuses on disruption and value creation in those areas where profitability and unit economics are proven through the business cycle, and where our integration of airlines, technology and aircraft give us a real advantage over our competitors.

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“Macro events have compelled fundamental changes in the travel sector and created an unprecedented opportunity for a new wave of highly disruptive companies. We are well positioned across our travel portfolio to be at the forefront of this change””


Josh Wander
Founder & Managing Partner, 777 Partners



We invest across
3 Aviation Segments:

We utilize an innovative funding model to produce step-change improvements in returns, along with our recent orders for 214 Boeing 737-MAX airplanes.

We have introduced a new class of digital low-cost carriers to the world that produces higher revenue and customer satisfaction while delivering at the lowest cost structure.

At the heart of our investment strategy is a deep conviction that software engineering, data science, genuine partnerships, and customer centricity will transform the customer travel experience.



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With industry-unique features like AI-driven real-time, continuous and dynamic pricing, AI-driven route optimization, interlining, real-time settlement, digital payments with unparalleled system security and data privacy and localization, the platform is the ultimate multi-modal travel platform. It manages the entire value chain of the travel cycle in a unified manner, from a single confirmation number to completely automated disruption mitigation and management.



Our unique mix of companies work together to unlock adjacent synergies. Our airlines are powered by our technology, our aircraft are leased to our airlines, and our talented people leverage these opportunities to drive growth and create long-term value.