Alexander Peh of PayPal and Braintree once said, “the major winners will be financial services companies that embrace technology”. We could not agree more.

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For hundreds of lending and leasing firms in the US, technology is the missing piece of the puzzle, and we have seized the opportunity to become one of the leading innovators of A.I driven solutions.


There is a long list of lending companies, including 777 back in the early days, that were held back by outdated infrastructure and forced to pass this on to customers in the form of expensive lending products.

If we add in companies whose consumers and merchants are still bogged down in the swamp of clunky, inhospitable software and protocols, the list would be never ending. 

“Experiences, not transactions; insight driven; instantaneous.”

Etienne Liffe-Moon
BMW Design Works


777 embodies exactly that.


Offering a great experience is still everything, on every level. Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, 777 has designed, built, and launched next generation lending platforms for partners such as Uown. Payment schedules can be modified, letting them originate any type of loan with a few adjustments. Our services deliver money faster, cheaper, and better than the competitors.

Our technology automates almost every aspect of the lending process for the consumer; delivering an enhanced user experience through the automation of touchpoints and providing real time, self-service functionality. This provides a much better user experience, because all of the touchpoints are automated, service is real-time and requires little human interaction.  

The consumers’ needs are met immediately with minimal fuss.

We utilize our insurance companies to achieve a far greater ROI.

777 doesn't stop at just providing sector-leading technology. We improve the ROI for our companies thanks to the might of our insurance balance sheets.

Our portfolio companies are given immediate access to this efficient source of capital which enables greater growth potential over a shorter period.

Aaron Levy

“777 helped Uown grow from a storefront to a leading online platform in under 12 months.”


Aaron Levy
Head of Fintech, 777 Partners



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We love turning potential into growth, and part of how we achieved that for industry leader Uown is by giving them access to our shared services platform. This cut out the eye-watering costs associated with hiring professionals, a price that’s often too steep for those at the early stages of growth.

Marketing, data scientists, software engineering—these are just some of the services we offer, each one tailored to meet the unique needs of our partners. These resources, coupled with the bespoke technology created just for Uown, saw them transform the business in under 12 months. That’s the 777 way.

Our love for fintech is rooted in our history. We are excited to be its champions, ready and able to conquer uncharted territory under its banner.