One of the foundational elements of 777 Partners is litigation finance—it’s in our genome.

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777 Partners perfected its original playbook in Litigation Finance, where our founders Steve Pasko and Josh Wander assembled and created a web of businesses built around the litigation process. Today we are a market leader and innovator with unparalleled proprietary approaches and insights and a significant moat of data and digital expertise that underpins our investments. 

Removing the riddles and headaches.

For the average American, the litigation process can be a vexing and even unhealthy puzzle. For example, without insurance or immediate cash reserves to pay medical bills, a claimant might have to wait for their settlement before they can receive critical care or even cover essential living expenses. Perhaps worst of all, most aren’t aware of the few but invaluable companies who can provide them an advance against their future settlement.

Enter ML Healthcare, one of our most successful companies. Like all of our portfolio partners, they were full of potential but needed that extra support to reach more clients and help people through the litigation process. With access to our capital and shared services platform they were able to do exactly that. And more.

In nearly every recorded circumstance, whether it’s a healthcare or an asset management firm, being acquired by 777 provides resources which can fuel growth they could never have achieved on their own. In this way we are both demystifying litigation finance and bringing it to the mainstream.

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Alleviating the pressure on litigators and attorneys.

We are building a transparent, easily accessible suite of litigation finance products that ranges from plaintiff advances, attorney lending, expert witness services, complex commercial litigation funding and more. This menu of services is designed to reflect our rapidly moving digital world where convenience and user experiences dictate the success of a business.

By having access to this product suite, the claimant can receive medical treatment, get back to work, and not have to worry about the financial strain that their litigation circumstances have put them under. Their case can then mature to its full judicial state for the right value, meaning the attorney doesn’t have the pressure of having to settle quickly and getting anything less than what their client deserves.

Consolidating our efforts to demystify the industry.

There is still a lot of work to be done in bringing our suite of litigation finance products to the mainstream, but our progress has been exceptional. Through additional investment and hands-on, cross-vertical support from existing 777 portfolio companies like Signal Funding, Managed Care Advisory Group, Justice Funds, Case Strategies Group, ProbateCash, ML Healthcare, American Horizon or our recently formed law firm in Arizona (Scout Law Group), we continue to build on our successes.

As we accelerate the evolution of the litigation finance industry, we are eager to see how the judicial landscape evolves.