Investing For A
Positive Impact


777 Partners' commitment to supporting impactful investing dates back long before our inception. The notion of a triple bottom line has been a fundamental part of 777 Partners’ DNA for many years, and was initially reflected in 2007 with the founding of First Sustainable by key members of 777 Partners’ senior leadership.

As one of our earliest portfolio companies, First Sustainable was organized to utilize structured finance tools to help promote and solve some of our planet’s most important challenges. Initially focused on deploying capital to support the proliferation of renewable energy projects throughout the world, we have broadened our focus across our entire portfolio to include solutions to numerous other problems facing our planet.

By comprehensively integrating ESG best practices company wide, 777 Partners can pursue value generating opportunities while achieving a favorable impact, and thereby mitigating critical risks. Our efforts aim to drive change and play a major role in both identifying and developing impactful solutions for the future.

777 Sustainability

777 Partners doubles down on its long-term ownership approach by focusing on making a positive impact across our portfolio and around the world by giving companies the right tools and guidance to make them more sustainable and relevant for the long-term.

Our commitment to impact investing resonates throughout our organization. As such, 777 Partners is now recognized as one of the premier supporters of women’s professional sports. We are also one of the world’s leading investors in litigation to recover damages on behalf of plaintiffs poisoned by environmental contaminators. Moreover, we are in the midst of rolling out a de novo residential EV charging station installation business and acquiring a significant interest in an existing successful sustainable supply chain company. Regarding our airlines, we are currently focused on implementing one of the world’s most aggressive carbon offset platforms, while we seek to offset the carbon impact of our entire organizational ecosystem.

Stay Tuned

We are currently working on several exciting initiatives within the ESG vertical. Stay tuned for more updates on our exciting work in this space.