SOUNDWaves is an investment vehicle dedicated to the next generation of clean, circular and sustainable businesses. Anchored by a strong relationships with some of the world's leading brands and corporations, SoundWaves’ investment strategy is centered around identifying early stage companies to supply disruptive, sustainable goods and services to such world leading corporations. To date, SoundWaves has invested in early stage companies producing goods and services promoting sustainable, non-toxic, biodegradable styrofoam, plastic substitutes and body care products, carbon sequestration, food and beverage serving and packaging reuse, microplastic filtering and battery powered commercial generators. SoundWaves and 777 Partners are actively collaborating to promote an ever broader sustainability footprint by exploring opportunities in non-toxic and recycled fabric, non-toxic food packaging, renewable energy, green hydrogen, recycling, carbon offset projects and more.


Investment Date: 2022

Sector: Sustainability